26 Consecutive Years as an RCI Gold Crown Resort!

RCI Presents 25 Year Award!

Jon Heimbigner, president of the Board of Managers at Pend Oreille Shores Resort, opened the meeting with the happy announcement that Pend Oreille Shores has received RCI’s highest honor, the Gold Crown Award, for the 26th CONSECUTIVE year!  Even at 33 years old, the average scores of the 5 categories used to determine the Gold Crown status (5.0 being the highest) are still in the exceptional range!

2010    (20th year)    4.72
2011    (21st year)    4.76
2012    (22nd year)   4.78
2013    (23rd year)    4.76
2014    (24th year)    4.76
2015    (25th year)    4.78
2016    (26th year)    4.76

To add to the honor, RCI Representative Shane Flanagan came all the way from Florida to present the Board and Staff with a special 25 Year Crystal Award! As explained in years past, this honor puts POSR in a very select group of RCI's resorts: the top 1-2% in North America and worldwide! Again, there is not a lot of wiggle room at the top, but the Board and Staff plan to continue upgrades and maintain the resort at the highest levels possible while still keeping the maintenance fees well below the national average (see "How Do We Compare This Year?" on page 3).

As mentioned in the past, consistency in the Board, Management, and Staff dedicated to sound fiscal management, coupled with constructive support and feedback from the owners, has contributed to the ongoing success of Pend Oreille Shores.  It takes all of us to keep this resort in top shape!